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Refund & Cancellation Policy

  • There are no refunds, unless the event is cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of Al Ain Raceway and Organizers of SKC 2018


Delivery/Shipment Policy

  • An email will be sent to your email Id once payment has been completed. This is your entry into SKC. Please carry the document with you through out the race series.

Registration for SKC 2018 – AED 250/- FOR RACE SERIES.



P. O. BOX: 120047,
04- 3918018

SKCUAE Rules & Regulations:

    This event shall be run in accordance with the operational guidelines set in place by Prodrive Sports Services & Al Ain Raceway International Kart Circuit.

      Prodrive sports services
      Telephone: +971(52) 8882398
    • Event managed byTwoTone Events
    •  ENTRIES:
    • 1.2.1 – All registrants must complete the entry formalities to be
      considered eligible to participate.
      – Registration may be completed and payments may be made online.
      – All payments will be made in favor of TWO TONE EVENT MANAGEMENT
      – All payments must be received before January 20 th to be eligible to participate.
      – Early bird entries are eligible for 1 free arrive and drive session worth AED 120/- and a discounted fee for practice at Al Ain Raceway. OPEN ONLY TO SKC
    • 1.2.2 – Fees:
      Race subscription fees – AED 250/-  for the complete race
      (Registration and Stage 1 up to the finals)
    • SECTION 2 – Payments:
      All payments may be made online via the Online payment gateway, upon Registration.
    • Details of First Gulf Bank account as follows:
      Bank Name : First Gulf Bank
      Account No :  103-137-1969455-01-6
      Account Name : Two Tone Event management
      IBAN :  AE-18-027-103-137-1969455-01-6
      BRANCH :  Sheikh zayed road
    • Proof of transaction must be received no later than the Entry Deadline – 20th January, 2017
      • Driver check-in will commence at the beginning of the event at the time stipulated in the event schedule.
      • Each driver is required to complete and sign a Disclaimer Form.
      • Drivers without their own race suit will be issued one, courtesy of Al Ain Raceway (this must be returned after use).
      • Any driver not signing in during the allocated registration window will not be permitted to race.
      All drivers taking part in the SKCUAE (regardless of experience) must attend an initial safety briefing. This is compulsory for every round attended. This short introduction will cover flag and circuit rules as well as kart controls in detail. Any driver failing to attend the briefing will not be permitted to race.
      Trophies will be presented to the top drivers in each class according to the official finishing positions in the race. Trophies will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions overall. Spot prizes may be issued at the discretion of the organisers. Everyone is encouraged to stay for the presentation.
      Drivers do not require a competition license to take part in the event.
      Drivers who have raced in RMC races from 2015 onwards & hold a CIK/FIA license are eligible for SKC.
    • SECTION 7 – AGE LIMIT: All drivers must be 12 years of age and over.
    • SECTION 8 – WEIGHT LIMIT: The minimum driver weight is for Senior 70 kg. Drivers will be weighed by the race administration at check-in and their individual weights recorded on a master list. There is no specified maximum driver weight. Drivers will be weighed with race suits and boots only (not gloves, helmets and other items of safety equipment (including rib protectors, neck brace, etc). Each kart has the capacity to carry up to 25 kg removable ballast weights in 5 kg increments. Drivers less than 70 kg will be required to carry ballast during their stints to bring them up to the minimum. Drivers 70 kg or over will not be required to carry additional weight. For clarification: 70 kg is the minimum. If you weigh in at 69 kg, an additional 5 kg will ensure that you reach the minimum weight.
    • SECTION 9 – JUMP START: Any driver jumping the start will receive a black flag on the next lap and a subsequent stop-go penalty.
    • SECTION 10 – PIT LANE SPEED: Pit lane speed must be kept to walking pace at all times. This is an important safety rule that must be adhered to as the pit lane is the only area in which driver karts are mixed with walking/standing drivers and officials, not to mention the proximity of the fuel bay.
      Any driver deemed to be speeding in the pits by the officials will receive a large penalty. There will be no arguments without time penalty extensions!
      Karting is designed to be a fun sport and a community building activity. Any competitor, their parent or guardian, or any individual associated with a competitor, who acts/behaves in a manner contrary to the following will result in penalization for that driver:

      • All participants must play by the rules and respect all race officials and their decisions.
      • All participants must respect the rights, dignity and value of their fellow participants regardless of gender, ability, physical appearance, cultural background or religion.
      • All participants must take responsibility for their actions at all times.
      • It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure that their family, friends and associated parties are aware that their actions will result in penalization for themselves.
      • Any disputes between participants should be resolved in a respectful and courteous manner. In the event that this is perceived not possible, the matter should be brought before the Clerk of the Course or the Organizer to mediate a resolution.
      • Drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited at all events. Consumption of such substances before or during a race event will result in the competitor being excluded and face further disciplinary action.
      • Abusive comments on any social media platform (Facebook, Twitter etc.) or public forum are completely forbidden. Competitors and their associates are strongly advised to guard against participating in contentious, divisive or damaging conversations, either verbally or via these means.
      The spirit behind the SKCUAE is to drive fast, but drive safe and have fun. These events, whilst extremely competitive, are meant to be enjoyable for drivers, spectators and officials alike.Unsporting conduct covers a number of areas.Karting is a non-contact sport. Any driver found guilty of making contact with another kart with intention will be subject to a suitably large penalty and may be disqualified from the race completely. Karting is a sport that demands full attention and requires both hands to turn the steering wheel. Any fingers/fists raised aggressively to other drivers or officials (regardless of circumstance) will be viewed as an offensive gesture and will be subject to a black flag and accompanying penalty. If a combination of drivers and officials observe an individual driver delivering an obvious offensive gesture, the offending driver will be disqualified from the race completely.
      Any dangerous driving conduct will be severely penalized. Dangerous driving is defined as any of the following or variants of it and will be penalized as per the Penalties Section of these regulations:
    • Contact between karts at the entry point of a corner
    • Forcing or “squeezing” a kart off the circuit or into a safety feature (barriers, tires etc.)
    • Re-joining the circuit in an unsafe manner
    • Excessive weaving or moving more than once to defend position
    • Causing an avoidable accident
      Any decision made by the Race Director or Assistant Race Director is final and there will be no scope for appeal. No form of protest or appeal will be honored during the race. Any lack of respect shown for event organisers, promoters and sponsors will be dealt with harshly.
      After the chequered flag has been waved, all karts must proceed directly to the Pit Lane under yellow flag conditions.
      Different level of penalties can be given depending on the level of infraction such as:

      • Verbal warning
      • Warning flag
      • 1 minute penalty
      • 2 minute penalty
      • Black flag
      • Exclusion of the event

      Penalties will be applied for infringements to the rules such as but not limited to:

        • Dangerous driving
        • Advantage by contact
        • Speeding in pit lane
        • Drivers receiving a black flag will receive a time penalty in accordance with the nature of the offence, at the discretion of the Race Director. If the black flag is due to cheating or deemed by officials to be an intentional breach of rules, drivers may face further penalties including, but not limited to, points deductions and exclusions from race with no refund. Any individual driver black flagged more than twice during one race may not be permitted to take any further part in the event at the discretion of the Race Director.
        • SECTION 17 – KART:
          An Intrepid Optima, Honda single-engine powered kart, fitted with fully adjustable seat and adjustable pedals, duly prepared by the organisers for races, will be made available by the organisers to each driver. The actual kart to be used by each driver will be allocated by a draw.
        • SECTION 18 – KART DAMAGE:
          Each driver will be assigned one race-prepared kart at the beginning of practice. Any damage sustained to a kart (during practice, qualifying or the race) as a direct or indirect result of driver error, collision, leaving the circuit, etc., deliberate or otherwise, will be attended to by the Al Ain Raceway Technical staff. The length of time taken to repair the kart will always depend on the extent of the damage. In this situation, a driver will not be issued with a replacement kart. Instead, they will have to wait till their kart is repaired.Drivers encountering a mechanical/technical problem which is NOT the result of the above may be issued with a replacement kart at the discretion of the Race Director.
          • CRASH HELMET:
            Drivers must wear a helmet with efficient and unbreakable protection for the eyes. Helmets are provided by Al Ain Raceway. Anyone who wishes to bring their own may do so but it must be inspected and approved by the Race Director or Assistant Race Director prior to practice. It is a requirement that a clear visor to be worn after sunset or as instructed by the Organisers.
            All Helmets must be full-face and fitted with visor/goggles. Visors should be closed when driving.
          • RACE SUIT:
            Race suits are mandatory. These are provided by Al Ain Raceway.
            Drivers wishing to bring their own suits may do so but it must be inspected and approved by the Race Director.
          • GLOVES:
            Gloves are mandatory. They must be in good condition and must completely cover the hands and fingers. These are provided.
          • BOOTS:
            Shoes, boots or trainers are acceptable and must be in good condition, offering protection for the feet and toes. Sandals and stilettos (high-heels) are not acceptable.
            Competitors will not be allowed to advertise other venues on their visors or helmets.

      Safety & Risk

          • Arrive-and-drive karting has been established as a safe and exhilarating form of motor sport.
          • Go Karting is a NO CONTACT sport. Hence any kind of contact is considered to be in a non-sportsmanship conduct and could result in serious injury and based on reviews, drivers can be disqualified from the event.
          • We firmly believe that karting is actually safer than the mainstream sports that are already available within schools.
          • The standard of professionalism in the karting industry ensures that major accidents are very rare.
          • Please note that the speeds involved in races are relatively low compared to other forms of motorsport. On outdoor circuits, the maximum speeds are generally in the region of around 60Kmph.
          • The Circuit hosting the Student’s Karting Cup United Arab Emirates (SKCUAE) holds a valid CIK Certification with regular track inspections, staff training, and impeccable safety records.
          • All suits, helmets and gloves are provided by the hosting circuit at every SKCUAE event. However, confirmed participants are allowed to use their own race gear after scrutiny and approval from the racing authority. The decision falls under the discretion of the race operations to allow or reject any such equipment.
          • Safety briefings are conducted before every event to ensure that drivers adhere to the rules and regulations.
          • The Venue and the organizers of SKCUAE take the issue of safety very. If any driver is found having difficulty adhering to the provided or instructed rules and regulations, he/she will be NOT be allowed to take part in the event as a precaution to the safety of self and others. Such decisions will be completely under the authority of the organizers and the venue operations.
          • Please note that karting can be dangerous; accidents cannot be ruled out despite all safety precautions, and competitors take part in the championship at their own risk.
          • Parents/Guardians will be required to sign a liability waiver, failing which registrants will not be allowed to race.

      Advice to parents:

      Explicit written permission from parents / guardians is a pre-requisite for all applicants who wish to participate in all SKCUAE events.

      Please click here to download the template of a sample consent letter which gives permission to their children to participate in SKCUAE.

      Driver Concerns

          • Drivers must be aged between 12 and 23 years old as of 15thJanuary, 2018.
          • All drivers must belong to student body of any educational institution based in the UAE and possess a valid ID of the institution they attend.
          • Confirmed participants below 18 must be accompanied by a guardian or parent.
          • All drivers must be at least 1.57m (5ft 2in) height (with shoes on). Any driver that doesn’t meet the minimum height will be refused permission to participate and no refund will be given.
          • All drivers will be categorised into Seniors,Juniors or college.
            (Juniors: 12 – 15yrs; Seniors: 16 – 19yrs; College: 20 – 23yrs)
          • Flip-flops or open toed sandals DO NOT qualify as race gear and will be rejected.
          • All drivers must check in at the hosting circuit. No one will be allowed to participate in the event without checking in.
          • All drivers must attend the briefing session at every event at the instructed times.
          • All drivers must obey and adhere to the rules and regulations of the hosting circuit.
          • Drivers that are late such that they miss any part of the briefing will not be allowed to participate in the event. Under such circumstances no refund will be given. Any driver deemed not to be obeying the rules and regulations may be prohibited from further racing and / or excluded from the championship.
          • All drivers are required to wear shoes and clothing appropriate to the activity of karting.
          • The consumption of alcohol prior to an event is strictly prohibited. Anyone deemed under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed and will be eliminated from the event. Further participation will be completely prohibited for the student and NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN.
          • The Marshall and Race official decisions are final. Parents/guardians are to refrain from approaching any authority unless arbitration is deemed mandatory by race officials.

What Happens on a Track Day (Frequently Asked Questions)
  1. Where is Al Ain Raceway?
    • Al Ain Raceway is located about 150km from Dubai and 160km from Abudhabi, close to the Al Ain water bottling plant.
  2. Method of payment
    • All payment can be made via the SKC website itself. Once you click “register now” in the registration tab, you will be taken to the payment portal where payments can be made. All major credit cards will be accepted. All payments will be charged in AED.
  3. What must I eat before I race?
    • Eat light, but remember to stay hydrated. It is advised to consume as much electrolytes as possible.
  4. How long before I race must I be present at the venue?
    • It is ideal to get to the venue at least 2 hours before start of the event. This is to complete all check in formalities and the briefing prior to racing.
  5. What safety gear should I carry with me?
    • All safety gear required for the event will be provided by the venue. However, for those of you using your own gear, you will be allowed to use it only after scrutiny and approval by race officials.
  6. Who should accompany me to the event?
    • You must be accompanied by a parent and or a guardian if you are under the age of 18. It is mandatory that you carry a copy of the parental consent letter with you at all times.
  7. Duration of the event
    • This year, SKC has split the groups for easing out the time spent on track for parents and maximizing crowd presence at the finals. Each group will not need to be present at the venue for longer than 4 hours inclusive of the briefing sessions and the debrief prior to the close of session. IT IS MANDATORY THAT ALL DRIVERS ATTEND THE DEBRIEF AT THE END OF THEIR SESSIONS IN ORDER TO SATISFY THE CRITERIA FOR ELIGIBILITY TO MOVE INTO FINALS.
  8. What kind of karts am I driving?
    • You will drive regular Arrive and Drive Karts, with 4 stroke engines.
  9. What does the facility provide.
    • Showers, separate changing rooms (male and female), restaurants, air conditioned viewing gallery, ample car parking.
  10. How do I store my valuables?
    • Lockers will be provided by the venue.

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