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  • Kart Control:

    Drivers will be assessed based on the control they exhibit on the kart. All drivers have to ensure that both hands are on the steering wheel while being seated in the kart. Drivers will also have to make sure that they keep the kart within the limits of the circuit at all times, without swerving or establishing contact with other karts or safety equipment.

  • Circuit Rules:

    All participants will have to strictly adhere to the circuit rules. No use of foul language, abusive hand gestures, or any unnecessary arguments with the management, staff, track marshals or any other driver will be encouraged and may even be penalized. Any damages to any property belonging to the venue, by the participants or those accompanying them will be accounted for and legal action will be taken if deemed necessary.

  • Safety:

    The organizers ensure that circuit is safe and ambulatory services are in place in case of emergencies at the venue. All participants and their parents/guardians will be required to sign official disclaimers accepting the inherent risks prior to their taking part in any event. By doing so, they are signing an undertaking that they are not suffering from any medical condition, either permanent or temporary, which could prejudicially affect their normal control of the vehicle with regard to the speeds likely to be attained during events.

    No person will be allowed beyond the areas that have been demarcated unless prior permission has been obtained from race director and venue officials. Children under the age of 8 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.

    Alcohol in any form or use is strictly forbidden at the venue and its premises. Consumption of it for any other use other than prescribed under medical condition will be dealt with legally if reported.

    Participants with long hair must ensure that it is fully enclosed by the crash helmet or secured in the race suit. Long hair trailing from bottom of the helmet will not be acceptable on the grounds of safety of the driver. The driver should be seated in the kart properly prior to acceleration, failing which it will be deemed a dangerous start.

  • General Conduct:

    Parents/ Guardians will be responsible for the behavior of drivers and any other associated personnel. Should there be a breach of the safety rules or any unsporting behavior on the race track, in the pits or in the paddock at events, the driver concerned will be penalized at the absolute discretion of the organizers. The penalties at the organizer’s disposal will include time penalties and the suspension of the right of individual driver to participate in the event or the right to participate in any future events promoted by the organizers. Details of the flag signals to be used and the detailed race procedures will be given at the Driver’s briefing for each event. Participants are reminded that by the very nature of this event, there will be speed differentials on the track and that patience and respect for their fellow competitors will be required.

  • Punctuality:

    Time management is a very important aspect. The organizers & the venue expect all participants to be at the facility at least 2 hours prior to their assigned time slots to ensure all formalities are complete. Any driver not able to make it with in the assigned time can expect a penalty or exclusion from the event, upon the discretion of the race management.

ANY PARTICIPANT WHO DOES NOT ATTEND THE DRIVER’S BRIEFING CONDUCTED BY THE RACE DIRECTOR at the venue during the prescribed time will not be allowed to participate in the event. NO EXCEPTIONS. The decisions of the Race Director and officials (including the organizers) will be final.



Each race meeting will consist of:

–  Signing on
–  Scrutineering
–  Driver’s Briefing
–  Time Trial 1
–  Time Trial 2
–  Time Trial 3
–  Podium Ceremony

2.6.1 – Signing on: 
Signing on will commence at the time stipulated in the Event Schedule. Each driver is required to complete and sign a registration form (this must be done at each visit). Any driver not signing in during the allocated registration window will not be permitted to race.

2.6.3 – Driver’s Briefing: 
The Official Driver’s Briefing, will take place at the time stipulated in the Schedule. This will cover circuit and pit lane layout (which will vary from round to round) as well as any other details pertaining to the Race Day and Series. Any driver who is absent will gain a penalty and may be prevented from racing altogether, with no refund. This is without exception.

2.6.4 – Time Trials: 
The length of each session will be 10 minutes unless otherwise stipulated in the Event Supplementary Regulations. All karts are released one-by- one from the Pre-Grid at regular intervals as directed by the Pre-Grid marshal. Crossing the start line for the first time will constitute the start of the first timed lap. Competitors may complete as many laps as they wish within the Time Trial duration. All lap times are recorded. Points will be awarded according to Article 2.7.

2.7.1 – Overall Score: Series points are awarded for each Time Trial in terms of best lap time classification. For each Time Trial, the driver recording the fastest lap time will be awarded a maximum of 20 points. Points are scored per Time Trial as follows:

Fastest Lap 2nd Fastest Lap 3rd Fastest Lap
20 points
19 points
18 points…and so on down to 20th place.
20th place and any competitor thereafter will receive 1 series point.

In the case of 2 drivers achieving identical best lap times, the organisers will revert to the second best lap time set by each individual in order to determine the final classification.
In case a Time Trial is cancelled because of “force majeure,” no points will be awarded.
In the case that 2 or more drivers finish the Series with the same number of points, the higher placing will be awarded to the driver with the greatest number of fastest Time Trial laps. If this number is equal then the greatest number of 2nd fastest Time Trial laps will be used, and so on until a winner emerges. If this procedure fails to produce a result, Race officials will nominate a winner according to such criteria as it deems fit.
Bonus points will be awarded for various achievements (see article 2.7.3) while penalty points will be deducted for driving infringements (see article 2.7.4)

2.7.2 – Did Not Start (DNS):
DNS is used to classify any driver who fails to cross the start line at any point during a Time Trial. The number of points awarded for a DNS is 1 less than the last classified competitor.
2.7.3 – Bonus Points:
Bonus points can be awarded to drivers who lead by example and demonstrate a respectful, sporting, chivalrous attitude and actions to go along with that – both on and off track – at the discretion of the Race Director.
2.7.4 – Penalty Points:
Drivers who receive a black flag will receive a penalty in accordance with the nature of the offence, at the discretion of the Race Director.

The following non-exhaustive guide covers a number of common infringements and their associated penalties:

Loss of control (spinning or leaving track) Contact (with another competitor) Causing a collision Pit Lane Speeding

Ignoring flag signals Careless Driving (general) Failing to register at the right time Failing to Scrutineer on time Being late to the Driver’s Briefing Failure to observe ‘engine function test’ rule Missing the Driver’s Briefing Underweight Improper conduct (including parents)

-1 point -2 points -3 points -3 points -3 points -3 points -3 points -3 points -3 points -3 points -6 points -10 points -10 points

These are for guidance purposes only. The Organisers reserve the right to inflict greater penalties, financial or otherwise, (including exclusion, suspension and disqualification) if the behaviour of a driver (or their support crew) contravenes the standards advocated by and associated with the Series and its supporters and sponsors.

Any decision made by the Clerk of the Course is final and there will be no scope for appeal. Any driver with a genuine grievance should request to see the Clerk of the Course as soon as possible after the session for an explanation rather than to debate the decision.

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